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International Journal of Nano Dimension (Abbreviation: Int J Nano Dimens)

is an international, open access, rigorously peer-reviewed, online and print, scholarly publication issued four times a year by the Tonekabon branch of the Islamic Azad University. IJND attempts to provide an academic medium for the dissemination of latest scientific discoveries and technological advancements in the field of nano materials.  Publishing formats in IJND include original research articles, review papers, case reports and short communications.

p-ISSN: 2008-8868

e-ISSN: 2228-5059


Time schedule

International Journal of Nano Dimension (IJND) is issued four times a year according to the following schedule:

Spring early April
Summer early July
Autumn early October
Winter early January


Contact information


Islamic Azad University (Tonekabon branch)



Postal code 4684161167
Fax number 011-54272484
E-mail address managing@ijnd.ir