Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2017, Pages 274-372 

Reasearch Paper

Room temperature dielectric and antibacterial behavior of thiosemicarbazide capped low dimension Silver and Gold nanoparticles

Pages 274-283

Bhagavathula S Diwakar; Boddeti Govindh; Devarapu Chandra Sekhar; Penmetsa Bhavani; Veluri Swaminadham; Kondareddy Anjireddy

Prediction of the Carbon nanotube quality using adaptive neuro–fuzzy inference system

Pages 298-306

Hasan Alijani; Shokoufe Tayyebi; Zeinab Hajjar; Zahra Shariatinia; Saeed Soltanali

Fe3O4@SiO2-NH2 as an efficient nanomagnetic carrier for controlled loading and release of acyclovir

Pages 365-372

Reza Tayebee; Mojtaba Fattahi Abdizadeh; Mostafa Mohammadpour Amini; Nasrin Mollania; Zahra Jalili; Hamed Akbarzadeh