Effect of asymmetric quantum dot rings in electron transport through a quantum wire

Document Type : Reasearch Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Technical& Engineering, Tabriz Branch , Islamic Azad University, Tabriz , Iran.



The electronic conductance at zero temperature through a quantum wire with side-connected asymmetric quantum ring (as a scatter system) is theoretically studied using the non-interacting Hamiltonian Anderson tunneling method. In this paper we concentrate on the configuration of the quantum dot rings. We show that the asymmetric structure of QD-scatter system strongly influences the amplitude and spectrum of electron transport characteristics through a quantum wire. We find that the unbalanced number of quantum dots in two rings rather increases the anti-resonant in quantum wire conductance than balances the number of quantum dots rings. Also changing the distance between quantum dot rings influences the amplitude of resonant peaks in the QW conductance spectrum. The proposed asymmetric quantum ring scatter system idea in this paper opens a new insight on the designing of nano structure quantum wire for a given electrical conductance.