The experimental study of reverse micellar phase in AOT/ Heptane/ (Water or aqueous) as nano template

Document Type : Short Communication


Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, I.H.U, Tehran, Iran.



In this paper electrical conductivity measurements and optical investigations takes place in AOT/ heptane/ (water or aqueous) systems. The water in oil system prepared with adding water in 50% by weight of AOT/ heptane solution.  In other systems instead of water, aqueous solutions of 1) zinc acetate and water 2) Potassium Hydroxide and water were used. In each phase, the trend of the electrical conductivity values changes at a proper water or aqueous solution concentration. The optical properties investigated through two crossed Polaroid. The different phases can be distinguished from each other; the phases characterized are as isotropic, anisotropic or mixed phase.