Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, Special Issue for ICIECCA-2020, August 2011, Pages 1-84 (Special Issue for WCN 2011) 

Reasearch Paper

Lipidic composite vesicles based on poly(NIPAM), chitosan or hyaluronan: behaviour under stresses

Pages 17-23


B. Pépin-Donat; C. Campillo; F. Quemeneur; M. Rinaudo; C. Marques; A. Schröder; G. Maret

Synthesis of magnetically active interpenetrating polymer network for drug release

Pages 37-48


S. Goswami; K. Kiran; A. B. Panda; P. P. Sharma; S. K. Mahapatra; S. V. Bhoraskar; I. Banerjee

Interaction of cationic phosphorus dendrimers with lipid membranes

Pages 55-60


M. Ionov; D. Wróbel; K. Gardikis; S. Hatziantoniou; C. Demetzos; J. P. Majoral; B. Klajnert; M. Bryszewska