Nano-filler Co-nanoparticles embedded in a Silica aerogel matrix

Document Type : Reasearch Paper


1 Department of Physics, University of Mumbai, Kalina, Mumbai-400098, India.

2 SDSM College, Palghar-401404, University of Mumbai, India.

3 University of Jeddah, Collage of Science, Department of Biochemistry-80327, Jeddah, KSA.


In present research, we synthesized cobalt-based silica nanocomposites (Co-SiO2) from cobalt nitrate [Co(NO3)2] and tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) precursors by using a simple sol-gel method followed by supercritical drying techniques. The physicochemical and textual properties of the as synthesized nano composites were thoroughly investigated. The results indicated that the Co-SiO2 aerogels demonstrated homogeneous dispersion cobalt nanoparticles within silica matrix with mesoporous morphology, large specific surface area (802 m2/g) and larger pore size (9 nm) with less volume shrinkage. The physico-chemical properties of the cobalt based silica nanomaterial were characterized by XRD, SEM, N2 adsorption-desorption and FTIR techniques. Cobalt-based silica nanocomposites can be produced using TEOS-based precursor and supercritical drying techniques. The prepared (Co-SiO2) nanocatalyst due to its magnetic nature with higher surface area (802 m2/g) can be utilized in many emerging fields such as catalysis, water desalination, water splitting, gas-sensing application and organic pollutant degradation.


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