Gain optimization of the optical waveguide based on the quantum box core/shell structure

Document Type : Reasearch Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering,College ofTechnical& Engineering, Tabriz Branch , Islamic Azad University , Tabriz, Iran.



In order to implement an integrated optical quantum circuit, designing waveguides based on the quantum box is of prime importance. To do this we have investigated optical waveguide both with and without optical pumping. The rate of absorption and emission using an array of AlGaAs/GaAs quantum box core/shell structure in the optical waveguide with various pumping intensities has computed. By considering an external pumping with maximum emission, the gain of the optical waveguide based on the AlGaAs/GaAs quantum box core/shell structure, for two different sizes 3×3×3 nm and 6×6×6 nm has been optimized. We have shown that in the absence of any external excitation with different pumping power, the amount of absorption energy in the array of quantum box is greater than the amount of emission energy, and resulting in the positive gain. Finally, we noticed that by increasing the dimension of the quantum box, the optimum gain is achieved for the smaller wavelength.


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