Accurate characteristics of Helium in nano-channels

Document Type : Reasearch Paper


Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI), Petrochemical Department, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, P.O. Box 11727.



This article describes an accurate subPico flowmeter bifurcatedin to liquid and gas flowrates less than 1mol/s for both MEMS/NEMS and cryogenic technology applications. The MEMS/NEMS are described as either two Gauges (instrument), or quartz fluctuating forks, even if the liquid or gas flows through an element, as well as cryogenic technology consisting of arrays of either parallel photonic crystal micelles or parallel rectangular nano-channels by using the lithography and anodic bonding techniques on silicon micelles. The behavior of gas or liquid Helium at high pressure was found to differ from the prediction of the conventional Heigen Equation. A hydro-dynamic model showed a gas or liquid properties namely molar flow rate, input and output pressure, two pressure gauges or quartz fluctuating (Todd Helmenstine) forksand the temperature. The measurements with fluid Helium demonstrated that the flow cells could span the flow range from 10-15 to 10-12 mol/s. This paper had focused on a versatile method of creating wide area defect free crystals based on interference lithography (MEMS/NEMS and cryostat). This technique involves splitting a monochromatic plane wave from a laser into multiple beams and recombining them inside a photoresist (fluid compressibility).