Synthesis and thermoluminescence properties of ZnS nanoparticle

Document Type : Reasearch Paper


Department of physics, Faculty of science, I.H.U Tehran.



In this scientific research ZnS nanoparticle was synthesized via precipitation method. Two samples were synthesized by this method. The nanoparticle was characterized by XRD techniques, and the size and kind of crystallinity were identified by X-ray diffraction pattern as well. The size measurement has been done by using scherrer's equation. The average sizes of nanoparticles in two samples were 11nm and 23nm. In fact, the velocity of stirrer affects the size of particles. Moreover, the study of XRD pattern indicates the cubic structure. This nanoparticle exposed to Gama ray source of 60Co and investigated their thermoluminescence's properties. The result shows that the thermoluminescence intensity increases by the size reduction of nanoparticles.